The Schinzler Foundation is supporting development projects in the field of medicine in collaboration with the URBIS-Stiftung, a Munich-based private foundation for the environment and international solidarity. The joint objective is to improve living conditions in remote regions of Togo.

In 2017, on the initiative of a former Munich Re employee, Anastasia Golubkova (SFR), the Schinzler Foundation supported the "dispensaires de médicine" in rural regions of Togo (West Africa) with a collection campaign whereby medical aids (crutches, orthoses and dressings) were donated by Munich Re employees.

"Dispensaires de médicine" are small regional health centres staffed by medical personnel or doctors, who also issue whatever medicine is needed (mainly antibiotics and malaria drugs) to the people living in the particular region. Many of the inhabitants have no means of visiting a hospital or a specialist doctor.

In 2018, Anastasia Golubkova began campaigning again, and initiated a further donation with the Schinzler Foundation to improve the equipment in these small health centres and enable the people who live in the regions to obtain better medical care.

The purchase of solar refrigerators by the URBIS-Stiftung meant that medicines could be deposited and stored at cool temperatures. Helped by a donation from the Schinzler Foundation, the existing stocks of antibiotics and malaria drugs in 15 "dispensaires" were topped up and expanded. Roughly 150 families (approx. 600 persons) in the regions can now receive long-term medical care with these drugs.