Support guides and proposal

Are you already involved in a project that can be supported in accordance with the Foundation Guidelines, or would you like to become involved? The Schinzler Foundation can provide financial support.

Get your application form now by contacting the Schinzler Foundation team.

If you have questions about the application, the members of the Board of Trustees will be happy to assist. You can contact the Foundation team by using the contact form.

Donations instead of project work

Under the slogan “Donations instead of project work”, you can collect donations for projects that the Schinzler Foundation has already approved. You can use all kinds of occasions (such as birthday parties) to involve colleagues, your family and friends in your social endeavours.

Other celebrations, such as anniversaries at Munich Re, can also be used to further your cause. The Schinzler Foundation maintains an account for donations free of charge. It can print donation leaflets specially for your occasion, send out donation receipts in your name, and document them as charitable donations.

Munich Re supports your time commitment

Munich Re highly values your voluntary involvement and participates in your personal investment of time. If you spend vacation days for your voluntary activities, we will offer you up to two days of paid compassionate leave a year. This is based on the prerequisite that you bring in at least the same amount of vacations days as you will get credited from us., Example: For two days of verified voluntary activities during your vacation you get a credit of one extra vacation day (four days of verified volunteer work = credit for 2 extra days).

Please fill in the form „Proposal of special leave Corporate Volunteering“ and send it to HR. As soon as The Schinzler Foundation has confirmed your application, you will get an e-mail and you will be able to register „Special leave social reasons“ in the ESS system.