Funding guidelines

Support from the Schinzler Foundation is intended to assist large groups rather than individuals. In other words, the Foundation only provides funding support to individuals in exceptional cases. As a rule, the Foundation assists charities and projects.

The Schinzler Foundation generally supports projects in the following areas

  • Children and Young People
  • Charity work
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Science

Activities and projects for the purpose of agitation are not supported.

“As a global financial services provider, Munich Re has both economic and social responsibilities. The company as a whole meets these obligations in different ways. The Schinzler Foundation supports a wide range of activities by Munich Re employees aimed at providing active, long-term assistance to disadvantaged people in Germany and abroad. (Preamble to the Foundation’s charter).

The foundation is primarily open to all current and former Munich Re employees. Active employees at Munich Re (Group) can also receive support from the Foundation.

The grants are normally provided to support individual prospective projects. Accordingly, the Foundation normally makes one-time payments. 

The project period must be clearly specified and is bindingly set out based on your proposal. Only invoices with an issue date during the project period are accepted as eligible for funding.

The majority of the sums given as funding are relatively small – generally no more than €3,000 for a single project. Your project can be granted partial or full financing. Financing will be ruled out if you have an economic interest in the fulfilment of the intended purpose.

Please send your application directly to the Schinzler Foundation. Here you can apply directly.

The Board of Trustees of the Schinzler Foundation decides on whether or not the grant is approved. There is no legal entitlement to funding. In cases where funds from other sponsors are used for financing, it must be ensured that the Schinzler Foundation is granted a non-exclusive right of use.

When you apply for funding we will ask for your bank details. As soon as the application has been approved, we will transfer the funds to the nominated bank account.

There are two parts to the proof of expenditure:

  • the case report and 
  • the numerical documentation.

Please send us two copies of the reports: 

1. An original copy with a legally binding signature;

2. An electronic copy (e. g. by e-mail, CD).

  • Include with the proof of expenditure all original supporting documents, proofs of payment, contracts and tenders for the award of orders and services.
  • Please use the Schinzler Foundation’s binding accounting forms.
  • The deadline for submitting proof of expenditure is specified when approval is granted. This is generally a fixed deadline.
  • You should pay back immediately any funds that are not required without waiting for a request to do so. Otherwise, we shall be obliged to charge you interest.

Donation receipt

Involvement in a project for a charitable purpose may bring tax benefits. Donations to charitable foundations are tax-deductible provided you provide a donation receipt.

The Schinzler Foundation creates additional opportunities to become involved in social work. It was not established to take on the tasks of government or other public institutions.