Disabled children and children from deprived social classes often have very few opportunities for personal development, or ways to find their own place in society. Volunteers from two Orthodox Christian communities in Belarus and Ukraine will now be able to help a number of children take this important step towards social integration.

With the help of a subsidy from the Schinzler Foundation, a computer room was established in two youth centres for half-orphans and socially disadvantaged and disabled children. A laptop or iPad was also provided for the individual use of especially disadvantaged children. Having the computers and access to the internet gives the children and young adults an opportunity to have their first experience using information technology and communicating with the outside world. For the adolescents concerned, this goes hand-in-hand with a feeling of greater self-confidence. Computer instruction is provided by a specialist teacher.

The Schinzler Foundation paid for the hardware, and helped organise the local transportation of the devices and the purchase of operating and office systems.