When I realised that my planned hike across Hadrian's Wall coincided with World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September), I wanted to dedicate my walk to raising awareness of mental health, suicide in particular – a cause close to my heart.

Suicide is not just a statistic – it affects real people, friends and family. When contemplating my upcoming walk, my thoughts turned to my own personal experience with suicide. My extended uncle Marian, took his own life in 2012 and a dear colleague of mine, whose son sadly took his own life shortly after his 18th birthday. Earlier this year, during my first trip to the US, TV screens were constantly blaring, showing shocking statistics of the US suicide rate, which has increased by 30% since 2000 – what happened to the American Dream?

This brief guide is intended to assist you with the wording of a meaningful description of the project applied for. The points listed below are critical for the processing and assessment of project applications. 

The full project description should be no more than five pages. 

Please describe your involvement in the project briefly and concisely, say what the chief aims/content are, and specify the target group, the schedule, budget and action plan for your proposed project. 

You can prepare the application using key points or in text form. What is important is that you make complete and self-contained statements. 

If you have questions about the application, the members of the Board of Trustees will be happy to assist. You can contact the Foundation team using the contact form.