• The Foundation’s Board of Directors

    The day-to-day operations of the Schinzler Foundation are handled by the Board of Directors, which works on a voluntary basis. 

    There are currently three members: Dr. Michael Menhart, Daniela Feuchtinger and Dr. Heike Heidenreich.

    Daniela Feuchtinger

    Dr. Daniela Feuchtinger

    Dr. Michael Mehnart

    Dr. Michael Menhart

    Heike Heidenreich

    Dr. Heike Heidenreich

    The Board of Directors is appointed by the full Board of Management of Munich Re for a period of two years.

  • Dr. Daniela Feuchtinger

    Daniela Feuchtinger

    Dr Daniela Feuchtinger received her PhD within the framework of an interdisciplinary research project set up by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research at a Chair of Business Administration focusing on organisation and human resources. In 1996, she began her post-academic career with Munich Re as a Human Resources Officer. In 1999 she changed to MEAG during its foundation phase and played a major role in forming its Human Resources Department. 

    After returning to Munich Re in 2001, she took responsibility for the HR business partners. Since 2004, she has headed the Department of Human Resources Development at Munich Re in Munich, which she has developed into a global centre of excellence for Talent Management. As head of Global Talent Management between 2008 and 2016, she was also responsible in 2013 for Talent Management at the Princeton location.

    In her opinion, the Foundation is an important driver and motor behind the anchoring of humanity and social responsibility as central elements of professional life at Munich Re.

  • Dr. Michael Menhart

    Dr. Michael Mehnart

    Dr. Michael Menhart has been the Munich Re Group’s Chief Economist since 2007. In this role, he is responsible for the topic areas of national and international economics, economic policy, and research on insurance markets and future trends, among others.

    Since 2017, Dr. Menhart has also been head of the Central Division Economics, Sustainability & Public Affairs at Munich Re. 

    Before moving to Munich Re in 2005, Dr. Menhart was a business consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he advised global companies operating in the financial and insurance sectors on strategic projects.

    For Michael Menhart, corporate volunteering means taking on responsibility and enabling action for a sustainable society – both locally and globally.

  • Dr. Heike Heidenreich

    Heike Heidenreich

    Dr. Heike Heidenreich is responsible for Global Strategic Communications within Munich Re’s Corporate Center Group Communications. On a global scale, this includes communicating strategic messages to all external and internal target groups through AGM, industry conferences, top management’s strategy conferences, and the company’sinternal channels like the online-magazine. In this role she has held since 2016, she is responsible for compiling and synergizing the entire global organization’s content.


    With the compyny since 2002, she has held key communication department roles: editor-in-chief of the annual report, and management of Corporate Publishing of all internal and external online and print publications. She was selected to build the Employee and Leadership Communications department from the ground up. And in 2015, she took a 9 month assignment in Munich Re’s first innovation team, and thus helped to implement and operationalize it.


    A linguist by training, Heike holds a Ph.D. from Augsburg University, and previously served as chief editor for internal communications at Dresdner Bank.


    For Heike, it is always enriching to gather different perspectives while working on a solution. Therefore she appreciates and supports the opportunity to broaden one’sexperiences further through corporate volunteering.

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Manfred Jöchle

Manfred Jöchle acts since 2006 as "Coordinator International Affairs" for the Schinzler Stiftung Foundation. At 44 years of operating affiliation, he knows Munich Re as hardly any other. For many years as well he worket for Munich Re abroad. His main locations as Head of the offices abroad were: Madrid, Caracas, Manila and Sao Paulo. Since 2006 Manfred Jöchle has been retired and so he is still commitet, beyond to his long - standing Munich Re affiliation.